Previous Clergy

Historical Clergy

Below is a list of the clergy that were recorded as Ministers at St Leonard’s.
The entries prior to 1859 were extracted from the British History Online.

Old Langho Church 1557 to 1859

1724 William Knowles, BA (Sidney-Sussex Coll., Camb.)
1746 Christopher Whitwell
1750 Robert Smith, BA
1754 Joseph Thomson
1756 Thomas Elleray
1773 Barton Shuttleworth, BA
1794 William Barton, BA (Sidney-Sussex Coll., Camb.)
1803 James Barnes
1803 George Wearing
1814 Thomas Henry Backhouse, BA (Pembroke Coll., Camb.)
1822 John Rushton
1828 Robert Nowell Whitaker, MA (St. John’s Coll., Camb.)
1840 Charles Arnold Chew, MA
1841 Thomas Dent
1845 Jonathan Beilby
1845 John Fayrer Coates, BA (St. Cath. Coll., Camb.)

St Leonard’s Langho Church 1859 to date

1859 Dudley Hart,
1868 Matthew Hedley
1895 Frederick George Chevassut
1901 John Fleming French
1934 Dennis W Holt
1939 Herbert Townsend
1962 Richard Kirham
1971 Philip H Dearden
1978 Paul Warren BA, MA
1984 Quentin Wilson BD, MA
1998 Stephen Cooper
2003 David Noblett
2012 Andrew Malcolm BA, MSC, MRes
2016 Tracy Jane Swindells BA, MA, PGCE