Vicar’s Letter

19th July 2021

COVID-19 Release of Restrictions Plan

Dear Friends,

The Prime Minister’s announcement that most remaining restrictions are to be withdrawn from July 19th will have caused a great deal of excitement, but will also have raised a lot of questions.

From July 19th, congregational singing will be permitted and there will be no limit on the size of choirs. Regulations on social distancing and face coverings will be withdrawn. The common cup will be permitted, and it is possible that we will no longer be required to keep a record of those attending our churches.

They have advised that there will be real wisdom in phasing these measures in, partly for public health reasons and partly so that people feel confident in attending worship. Changing everything at once after we have been used to living so differently for such a long term may well be very stressful for some people and we need to be very mindful of this and sensitive to their concerns and needs. Consequently I have drawn up and attached a Covid unlocking plan for St Leonard’s which phases in things gradually between now and 17th October to allow people to feel comfortable. Some decisions have been made for practical reasons around when I am on holiday and visiting clergy are covering so they are not having to introduce new things.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do ask me. Obviously this is all subject to change around any ongoing guidance form the government and the national church.

With my love and prayers


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